We understand

how challenging the road
in front of every parent-to-be is – and we are
absolutely ready to be there
for you


365 days a year


Experience and Reliability

More than 10 years of experience allowed us to find and secure the most critical aspects of the process. We care how soon you enter the program. We care how healthy is your surrogate mother. And we do care how safe your baby comes into this beautiful world

Quality and Accountability

Every detail of your story is important for us, and Repromedicine is ready to address all your needs with the most relevant solutions. No hidden costs, no unnecessary procedures — we can explain every action taken and every euro spent

Safety and Consistency

Our Intended Parents may rest assured as no matter how much time has passed, everything is covered for them: starting from the first step on the ground of a foreign country and ending up with legal support to get the passport for the baby

No tales, facts only


years of experience


couples assisted


exit processes completed


hours of consultations


emails written


apartments and hotel rooms rented

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What is our mission?

We believe that every person is gifted, but the key point is whether or not you’re going to use your gift to make a difference…

Who we are?

What happens if you take leading Fertility Specialists, Legal Advisors that have extensive background in Healthcare, Immigration and Family Law, the Head of Customer Service Department and the Head of Logistics and Housing Department from different top-ranked surrogacy agencies and join them into one strong team?

Featured Service

Repromedicine offers


programs that give possibility to use own eggs and carry out pregnancy yourself

Egg Donation

programs that give possibility to use donor eggs and carry out pregnancy yourself

Surrogacy for married couples

programs for officially married heterosexual couples

Surrogacy for LGBT and single parents

programs that give all IPs equal opportunities

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