1. Baby guarantee programs

Real guarantee is something that differs us among others. Our guaranteed programs cover unlimited number of attempts until the live birth of your baby.

2. No waiting time

We are not going to waste any minute of your precious time and postpone the long-awaited moment, thus we  start the process immediately right after the contract is signed.

3. High success rate with PGD

Investing in success, our agency made a decision to cover the expenses for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostic independently on the program you choose.


We took care of literally EVERYTHING. We want you to feel more confident with NICU included and that’s what we did.

5. 24/7 coordination support

We understand how challenging the road in front of every parent-to-be is - and we are absolutely ready to be there for you.

6. Transparency

We are not afraid to give you the control of the process. We have nothing to hide.

No tales, facts only


years of experience


couples assisted


emails written


exit processes completed


apartments and hotel rooms rented


hours of consultations

What is Repromedicine SEDA?

1. Deep knowledge in the field of infertility treatment

2. More than 10 years of operational excellence

3. Professional and personal skills needed for ideal surrogacy program support

4. Close connections with the leading clinics engaged in IVF, egg donation and surrogacy

5. Comprehensive knowledge of immigration, family law and healthcare legislation that would secure your program and ensure safe exit process for you and your babies

6. High standards in clients service, including housing and transportation

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Repromedicine offers


programs that give possibility to use own eggs and carry out pregnancy yourself

Egg Donation

programs that give possibility to use donor eggs and carry out pregnancy yourself

Surrogacy for married couples

programs for officially married heterosexual couples

Surrogacy for LGBT and single parents

programs that give all IPs equal opportunities

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