Surrogacy is... 

Traditional or gestational, altruistic or commercial — the main and the only goal of surrogacy program is to help Intended Parents overcome infertility. Surrogate mothers (or gestational carriers) are often called ‘surrogate angels’ — and it is totally understandable, as they undergo complicated medical procedures to present a wonderful gift of life.

Talking language of law, surrogacy is an agreement between a woman (medically, mentally and legally capable to bear a child) and a person or a couple (called Intended Parents) to carry out pregnancy and give birth to a child through assisted reproduction. The child born as the result of such agreement in most of jurisdictions where surrogacy is legal — USA, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Mexico — is considered to be a legal child of the Intended Parents.

To ensure safe and compliant surrogacy program — all the arrangements: either with legal entities or with individuals, including surrogate mother, should be formalized in documents, or contracts. Such approach will make the whole process more secure and less complicated on the final stage, like passport obtaining or Parental Order application (as in case with the British or Australian citizens). 

Top surrogacy agencies would normally take care about all steps of your surrogacy program: finding the right fertility clinic, matching with a surrogate mother and egg donor (if needed), arranging required screenings and check-ups for all participants, coordination of your surrogacy journey, pregnancy monitoring, delivery of your baby in a safe and trusted maternity hospital, wellbeing of your surrogate mother during the process and after the baby is born, and of course legal part to guarantee you quick and happy return to your home country being the parents of your long-awaited baby.

In the same time, it is critically important to understand that no matter how professional your surrogacy agency is, the great responsibility of being parents stays on you. So before entering into surrogacy agreement you need to be absolutely ready that your life will change just from this very moment. Surrogacy program may be quite emotionally challenging, pretty time-consuming and there is a chance that you will need to make uneasy decisions. But as soon as you realize that having a baby is your priority — there is no need to delay the program — drop us a line or give a call — we know what to do next.