When we talk about something as valuable as life, it is very hard to overestimate the role of people involved in the process of its creation. 

No matter either it is IVF, egg donation or surrogacy — the program is quite complicated and requires the work of dozens of trained professionals. While the doctors and embryologists do their best for the miracle to happen in the lab, there is more behind the scene:

  • there are so many candidates — and we need to find one woman that will become your perfect surrogate mother
  • there are plenty fertility clinics — and we need to find doctors that will be able to carry out your program with the highest success rate
  • our Intended Parents use about 7 different languages — and we need to speak all of them
  • there might be more than 40 families simultaneously staying in a country being on different stages of their programs — and we need to ensure comfortable accommodation and secure transportation for all of them
  • we work with citizens from more than 35 countries — and we need to know the peculiarities of exit process for every Consulate
  • there are 24 time zones in the world — and we need to be available for our IPs in every of them
  • your baby may have only 1 small reason to see the doctor — but we need to be sure that we can provide the pediatrician that very same moment

So, if you ask what our mission is – the answer will be simple: our mission is to ensure that right people meet in the right place at the right time… for a new life to happen.