Meet the Repromedicine Surrogacy and Egg donation Agency. 

Well, you might want to ask whether there is a need in one more surrogacy agency, — there have been plenty already. We beg to differ: you haven’t met the agency like the one we’ve created! All the Team Members were holding senior positions in different leading clinics and agencies engaged in the field of Reproductive Medicine, but once they woke up with the only question: ‘Can I do better than this?’ — the answer ‘Yes!’ made them leave their safe and comfortable personal offices to team up and create the Agency that would be able to deliver outstanding surrogacy and egg donation programs.

We put together all components of the perfect program — and here you have the chemistry of love resulting in new life. The Repromedicine Surrogacy and Egg donation Agency believe that parenting is the most natural thing that can happen to caring people – so we designed our programs to provide the highest outcome at the lowest possible stress level. Now, you don’t have to choose between positive results, supportive communication, compliance or close connection between all participants. The Repromedicine Agency is here to provide you all of the above:

Excellent results

Incredible Customer Experience

we collaborate only with the most qualified fertility clinics, our surrogate mothers are duly screened and have constant medical and psychological support, your baby will be delivered in the trusted and properly equipped maternity house.

our team consists of the most efficient and skillful members, who knows how to carry out your program according to the highest European standards and, at the same time, in good tradition of heart-to-heart approach.

There are no questions that we can’t answer, there are no troubles that we can’t solve – our collective experience in the field of fertility treatment exceeds 10 years. No matter what obstacles we face, it’s a given, that we will overcome everything together.

Repromedicine aims to become the top surrogacy agency in Europe, so our Intended Parents will definitely enjoy the benefits of us having:

The Repromedicine staff is always enthusiastic, empathic, flexible and available for you!


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