The process of surrogacy may be quite complicated, time-consuming and expensive if you start arranging everything yourself. 

Luckily, there is the surrogacy agency called Repromedicine, that is ready to organize everything — and leave only pleasant business, like childcare, to you. 

So, let’s start your journey!

First contact

On this stage we will need to know you better in order to offer the most relevant program.

Free initial consultation

Once scheduled, your initial consultation will be thoroughly prepared by us: meeting in the airport, transportation and accommodation, tests and consultations in the clinic, as well as contracts signing, if you’re happy and ready to proceed.

Matching with a surrogate mother

Our team will be looking for a surrogate mother through the lens of your preferences and doctor’s recommendations. You will receive the profile of a potential surrogate mother to be approved.

Stimulation and synchronization

Once all the tests results for all the participants are ready and the surrogate mother is confirmed, it is time for the Intended Mother (or an egg donor) to start ovarian stimulation protocol created by the doctor during initial consultation. Your surrogate mother starts her protocol as well. Both cycles are being synchronized on this stage.

Fertilization, PGD, embryotransfer

During this visit the Intended Father and Intended Mother (or an egg donor) provide their gametes for embryo creation. After PGD some embryos will be transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother, others – will be cryopreserved.

Pregnancy detection

In 2 weeks after the embryotransfer, your surrogate mother has the HCG test done and thus we know the outcome of the procedure.

Pregnancy monitoring

This will be the time when your surrogate mother will be taken care by our team members, as well as clinicians, responsible for pregnancy monitoring. It will be our pleasure to arrange your skype conferences or personal meetings with your surrogate mother.

Final visit for delivery and legal process

And here it comes, the most important moment of the program — your baby is born. Depending on the type of your contract, the surrogate mother gives birth either in public or in private maternity house. Possibility to be present during the delivery and stay with your baby in the maternity house also depends on the type of your contract. Some of our packages provide accommodation for the final visit as well. If apartment is not included into your contract you need to take care about it beforehand, as normally the baby stays in the hospital only for 3-4 days.

Birth certificate

After discharge from maternity house your surrogate mother signs needed declarations and we start preparing the documents for you to obtain the birth certificate in your names.

Travel pass/passport for your child

Our legal team will help you to prepare the documents needed to obtain the travel pass or passport for your baby to return to your home country. Legal support is covered by all our contracts.

Final good-bye in the airport

We will provide you the transfer to the airport to leave Ukraine with your baby.

You become the part of our Repromedicine Family — and we really hope to get the pictures from the prom night!