Sometimes it happens... 

that a woman can’t produce oocytes due to various reasons. Even so, it doesn’t mean that she has no chances to become a mother. She can still conceive using donor eggs within such ART procedure as egg donation. The key point here is that a mother recipient should have no contraindications for pregnancy and childbirth.

Generally, the procedure requires the following steps:

  • pre-consultation documents preparation:
  • transvaginal ultrasound check results
  • breast ultrasound check results or mammography results
  • doctor's certificate that you're healthy enough to carry out a baby and that pregnancy is not prohibited to you
  • initial consultation in the fertility clinic — our coordinator will assist you in the fertility center, including translation and communication with the medical staff. Both Intended Parents will undergo needed tests and check-ups. The doctor explains you the treatment plan and you obtain medications needed for your subsequent endometrium growth stimulation protocol.
  • you select an egg donor from our database and the Medical Team start synchronization of your cycles.
  • when the date of your second visit is defined you need to come to Kiev for the embryo transfer. Please be ready to spend here up to 5-7 days. The growth of endometrium will be controlled by the doctor during your ultrasound checks
  • after embryo transfer you will have to follow certain protocol, that consists of two important components: increased self-care and medications in strict adherence to that protocol. It will increase the chances to achieve and successfully support pregnancy.

The Repromedicine Agency can offer you the following egg donation programs: