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Legal regulation in the field of Reproductive Medicine is quite multidimensional. Some countries expressly forbid certain types of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and their utilisation may result even in criminal liability. Other countries have no distinct legal framework only some statements mentioned in the bylaws. So it is extremely important not only to evaluate the agreement with a view to hidden costs but also to learn regulatory requirements towards the Intended Parents in the country where program is supposed to be carried out.

Our way of business conduct call for strict law compliance and we do not employ any suspicious deals or resort to fake marriage resulting in criminal offense, when the birth of the baby may be classified by law enforcement agencies as child trafficking. 

Our experience and constant monitoring of current legislation of countries where Repromedicine SEDA conducts its activity, as well as close collaboration of our lawyers with their colleagues from the countries where your babies will be registered offers the possibility to arrange the process without unnecessary cares and in the timesaving mode.

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