Who is a surrogate mother?

Who is a surrogate mother?

Today we would like to talk about what a surrogate mother means. We’ve been doing some information research for a while,  and now we’re ready to present the results. So…

A surrogate mother is a young woman who bears a child for its biological parents.

There are two opposite opinions on this concept. The opponents argue that the whole surrogacy process goes beyond all boundaries of morality. And the supporters consider such programs an excellent opportunity for infertile couples to have the long-awaited children.

Let’s go into detail, so that you could decide who you are siding with.

A surrogate mother: pros and cons

Where do we start? Are you used to learning good news or bad news first?

In order to be unbiased, one needs to get both standpoints, since each one has its understandable logic. The difference is that some people don’t have enough knowledge on this topic.

So we decided to tell you the worst things about surrogate mothers first.

Firstly, it’s all about a woman bearing a child and giving it away after it’s born. This is the main concern of the opponents of surrogacy. But don’t jump to conclusions – keep reading the article.

Secondly, frauds are so frequent in this area, that they put a question mark over the success of the whole program.

Now let’s move on to the good things…

Who is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is a young woman who bears somebody else’s child. That means that genetically she has no relation to the baby, and the only biological process common for the two of them is the gestation. That is why the worries about it being hard to give away the baby are groundless. There is no reason for it, since no subconscious connections are established between the birthing mother and the fetus.

We should always keep in mind that this is an honourable thing to do. This is one of the greatest gifts one can give for another person. There are many women who are willing to take part in a program even without any compensation.

It is important that infertile couples know – they are not alone in their misfortune! And, fortunately, there is a solution that can make them happy parents.

And one more thing.

You don’t have to worry about surrogacy if you have a contract with an agency. We strongly recommend not even trying to arrange a program on your own. Every part of a program ends up under big risks. After all, this way you can not be sure of the woman’s health, as well as whether she gives you the baby or insists on keeping it.

Remember that everything that has no legal confirmation would be next to impossible to prove!

The Repromedicine center is a best place to start a surrogacy program. We’ve been protecting the women’s rights and helping infertile couples to become parents for years. Once you’ve chosen us, you can be sure that everything goes alright!  Let us do our job and soon you will become parents of a long-desired baby!

And always keep in mind that infertility is not a dead-end! There is a solution that will help you become parents to your baby!

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