What is The Egg Donation?

What is The Egg Donation?

There are situations when, for various reasons, a woman of childbearing age, has no egg cells or there are serious genetic diseases that she do not want to transfer to offspring. In such cases, a relatively new reproductive method – egg donation – comes to the rescue. You can often hear many negative reviews about this treatment of infertility. Everything is connected with the fact that people do not try to find information even about egg donation definition and subtleties of the procedure.

The procedure is that the donor donates his reproductive cells, which are fertilized in vitro, and the embryo is transferred into the body of the future mother. If woman cannot carry child by her own, she resorts to the services of surrogacy. Because of ignorance of the features of the program, many parents are asking question about how long the process of donation eggsbtakesband how it works.

Features of egg donation procedure

The egg donation process lasts only 10-15 minutes, but preparation for it is quite long. First, parents choose the donor according to several criteria. The most important are: the coincidence of the blood group and the Rh factor with the future mother. Important for parents are nationality, appearance, education and so on.

A donor should undergo all required examinations, hormonal therapy and other manipulations, while the recipient is also preparing for future implementation. All this can be done in a specialized medical clinic. For example, the clinic has wide donor base and everything necessary to make the procedure as painless as possible for both the future mother and the woman who donated her reproductive cells.

Egg donation, how it works?

If you want to become a donor, you need to understand how donation of egg cells works. These are the main stages of the program:

  • First visit at the beginning of the menstrual cycle
  • Analyzes and surveys confirming the possibility to become a donor
  • Synchronization of menstrual cycles with the future mother of the child
  • Hormone therapy for ovarian stimulation
  • Visiting of reproductive specialist for 2 weeks
  • The process of retrieving reproductive cells

In general, the surgical intervention lasts about 15 minutes, after which the woman needs rest, care and examination by medical personnel. With proper following of the recommendations of doctors, the female organism is protected from any risks associated with the program.

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