What is surrogasy

A surrogate mother (also commonly referred to ‘surrogate motherhood’) is a woman who accepts, by agreement, to become pregnant in order to breed and give birth to a child who will be raised as a son/daughter by a different couple. It is a surrogacy contract through gestation.

In surrogacy the baby is the result of the egg of another woman (client or egg donor), previously fertilized, implanted in the uterus of the pregnant through embryo transfer technique. In such case, the mother has no genetic connection with the baby.

In the first form, the baby can be the result of artificial insemination with sperm from one member of the couple who rents or with a foreign donor.

Currently in all cases, the surrogate mother does not contribute genetic material, since the embryos fathered with another woman’s eggs (partner or donor), and the sperm of a male. (Member of the partner or donor). However some part of genetic material (either male’s sperm or women’s egg) should belong to the member of couple that will raise the son/daughter born as the result of surrogacy.

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