What is surrogacy?

What does surrogate motherhood mean?

The infertility cases of married couples are getting more common with every year. The present-day statistics says that one couple in five can not have children. We refuse to accept it! Everybody should have their right to have kids, don’t they?

So, what is surrogacy?

Surrogate motherhood is a program that allows infertile couples to become biological parents. Fortunately, it is possible today.

This is how it goes:

  1. You contact a surrogacy agency about your case. One of the best centers in Ukraine is Repromedicine.
  2. We consider candidates and choose the one that would be the best surrogate mother for you.
  3. A full medical examination of  the young woman is done before the fertilization. You can be absolutely sure of her well-being.
  4. After all the necessary tests are done, it’s time for the IVF. The egg cells and the spermatozoids of the married couple are used in “in vitro” fertilization. This is why you really are the biological parents, while the surrogate mother is not genetically related to the fetus.
  5. Then goes the  traditional gestation process.
  6. … and relatively soon you become happy parents!

Where is surrogacy legal?

Because of the controversial nature of the surrogacy programs this service is not available in many countries. You can choose from the following options:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Russia
  3. Georgia
  4. Thailand
  5. India
  6. USA (allowed only in some states).

The Repromedicine center is your chance to have a happy family!

Infertility is not a sentence!

Fortunately, we live at a time when the medicine science is developing every day. Modern technologies help us to realize the process of artificial insemination, so that many happy but infertile couples can also become happy parents!

Just remember one thing: don’t try to arrange such a program on your own. These are completely unjustified risks, and the result can be quite regretful.

Quite many couples came to us after becoming victims of a fraud or a negative experience with other programs.

So do not hesitate and contact us right now!

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