Types of surrogacy programs

Types of surrogacy programs

Every surrogacy program should be personalized to take into account all the couple’s needs and the details of their case.

First of all, it should be said that in Ukraine, like in many other countries, only gestational surrogacy is allowed. That means that a surrogate mother is not biologically related to the baby she carries and gives birth to. Another equally important requirement is that the biological parents must be a married couple and have a medical report on health problems that cause infertility.

What should be considered first of all?

Today there are many agencies, medical centers and clinics ready to provide a lot of different surrogacy programs. If you are trying to choose the right program for you, it might be helpful to answer these questions:

– Which kind of egg cells are going to be used (donor’s or your own)?

– How many attempts of IVF does the program provide?

– What are timeframes and payments within the program?

– What’s with the legal support, documents preparation and signing of the contracts?

– What are the criteria for donors and surrogate mothers to be admitted to a program; what exams and preparations are necessary for them to start taking part in a program?

– Is it possible to transport and use cryopreserved embryos?

– How good is the medical establishment, where all tests and procedures will take place, and how professional is its staff?

Our Center for Human Reproduction “Repromedicine” offers 3 different surrogacy programs. Each of them has its own features that cater to the needs of our patients.

The comparison table of Repromedicine surrogacy programs

Services\Program “Victory” – IVF+SM 34 000 euro “Success” – IVF+DO+SM 36 000 euro “Guarantee” – IVF+DO+SM 46 000 euro
Guest services (transfer,apartment, food,translator services) + + +
IVF cycle 1 cycle 1 cycle unlimited number of cycles
Embryo transfer 2 transfers 2 transfers unlimited number of transfers
PGD diagnosis of 5 chromosomes diagnosis of 5 chromosomes diagnosis of 24 chromosomes
Embryo storage 1 year 1 year till baby birth
Surrogate’s pregnancy following and control + + +
Medical insurance for SM + + +
Life insurance for SM + + +
The renewal of the program in case of interruption of pregnancy additional payment additional payment +
Additional payment for surrogate’s Caesarean section 1000 euro 1000 euro without additional payment
Additional payment for loss of the surrogate’s uterus 2000 euro 2000 euro without additional payment
Medicines for a premature baby in the hospital (if necessary) additional payment additional payment without additional payment
Lawyer services + + +
DNA test + + +
The guarantee of genetically healthy baby birth + + +

Sure, these are just some differences between our programs, and it’s natural that you are going to have more questions. The Repromedicine’s team is always ready to help you and provide with additional information.

We have developed a system of surrogacy programs that take into account all the details to be implemented in an easy, safe, legal and comfortable way.

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