The Pros and Cons of Egg Donation

The Pros and Cons of Egg Donation

Unfortunately, more and more women nowadays are deprived of the opportunity to become a mother. Modern reproductive methods helps to accomplish most important function and feel the joy of motherhood. Patients who do not have ovaries or organs do not produce reproductive cells, evaluated the advantages of egg donation. Despite the wide popularity of this program, it is still possible to read horrors about the consequences of donation.

Of course, like any intervention in the body, the pros and cons of egg donation exist. But they often exaggerate the negative impact of the process on the body of a woman who sacrifices an oocyte. Specialists of the center VittoriaVita emphasize that if you approach the issue responsibly and find a clinic with high quality of medical services, then both the donor and the recipient risk nothing.

Pros and Cons of Egg Donation

The most important pros of egg donation is that during the program, a new life will appear and one more married couple will feel the joy of parenthood. Often a woman becomes a donor because of not only material reward, but also because of desire to help people in a desperate situation. On the other hand, parents do not lose anything and regardless of the expensive cost of egg donation and the long process of preparation – they will receive something more precious.

If you search the Internet for information on the request: egg donation risk, you will find a lot of frightening information, which today we want to refute. Here we have the main myths about oocyte donation:

  • Woman won’t be able to get pregnant anymore. The organism of the future mother is arranged in the way so that the possibility of getting pregnant is given every month. Therefore, in the next cycle, even after the donation, there will be such an opportunity
  • Gaining of extra weight due to hormonal intervention. Each organism is individual, taking hormones can actually lead to weight gain, but insignificant. Most women do not gain extra pounds.
  • Risk of oncological diseases. They also connect that with the course of hormonal drugs. They really can provoke neoplasms, but only in the case of a long and thoughtless reception.

What are the real risks after donation?

Every woman should understand that the seizure of genetic material is a kind of interference in the body, the consequences of which can be inflammatory processes, bleeding, and hyper ovulation of the ovaries. However, all this is easy to avoid if you follow all the recommendations of a doctor and treat your health responsibly. That is why the procedure is recommended to be performed under the supervision of experienced specialists. After the program, a woman needs special care and compulsory supervision in a medical institution.

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