The cost of IVF in Ukraine

The cost of IVF in Ukraine

Today in Ukraine there are about 20 hospitals for the infertility treatment. They are gaining popularity among couples from all over the world thanks to the legalization of surrogacy and egg donation. All available methods of infertility treatment (including surrogacy with IVF) regulated by law of Ukraine, which equally respects the rights of Ukrainians and foreigners.

How much is ivf in Ukraine? Cost of the program in different clinics depends on the particular case of infertility and is set individually. As a rule, such a procedure is very expensive.

What affects the prices when selecting ivf:

– Qualification of the specialists;

– The availability of modern equipment;

– Additional services (e.g. ICSI);

– Medications;

– Additional tests and examinations.

How much is IVF in Ukraine?

The average cost of one IVF cycle, which includes all the drugs, consultations and tests is from 5 500 to 11 000 euro. Such prices are competitive with the prices in IVF clinics of Eastern Europe. In comparison with Western Europe and the United States, prices in Ukraine are much lower.

In vitro fertilization in Ukraine is one of the most effective ways to treat male and female infertility.

We offer several IVF programs with a surrogate mother:

– IVF using own cells + surrogate mother;

– IVF using donor’s cells + surrogate mother (number of unlimited IVF attempts – guaranteed pregnancy);

– IVF using fresh donor’s cells + surrogate mother.

Employees of VittoriaVita speak Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, English, German and Italian languages for easy communication with customers.

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