The advantages and cost of artificial insemination

The advantages and cost of artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is one of the simplest methods of infertility treatment, when specially treated sperm is injected into the uterus under ultrasound guidance. This method is used in case of impotence or poor quality of sperm, when it is difficult to the spermatozoids to reach the uterine cavity. In the case of female infertility it fits with ovulatory dysfunction, anatomical or functional abnormalities of the cervix, and infertility of unknown Genesis.

The advantages of artificial insemination

1. No side effects of artificial insemination in the natural cycle. Among all the methods of ART this is the most healthy variant. Preparing for the insemination takes place without the use of stimulant medicines, the physician closely monitors the menstrual cycle and choose the most appropriate date for the procedure.
2. Time savings. Artificial insemination is performed in the clinic and in most cases does not require hospitalization.
3. The lack of influence of “cervical factor”. “Cervical factor” is the impact of cervical mucus on spermatozoid, in which, some of them stay in the mucus and die.
4. Low cost. The main advantage of artificial insemination, compared to IVF is its low cost. The procedure of IUI(intrauterine insamination) in Ukraine will cost from 200 euros, and the minimum price of IVF 4 000 euros. The cost of artificial insemination includes all medicines for ovarian stimulation and all the medical tools to carry out the insemination, that characterizes the absence of additional costs.

Effectivness of artificial insemination

The effectivness of artificial insemination with the use of ovarian stimulation reaches 17%, and if infertility in women is due to “cervical factor”, this figure increases.IVF also does not give 100% guarantee of pregnancy, many couples use popular method of artificial insemination. The cost is not the only reason for the popularity of this method, it is allowed to repeat IUI during 6cycles, so the probability of conception increases and may reach 70%. This procedure is suitable for those couples who are not able to afford one or two IVF procedures.

Why artificial insemination is not always effective?

Unfortunately, this method is not always effective. Most often it occurs because of disorder of process of implantation of the embryo, which consists of 4 stages. Each of them can be done only with the participation of certain enzymes. Insemination will fail if at least one of them is missing.

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