Surrogacy in Europe

Surrogacy in Europe

In Ukraine surrogate motherhood is permitted and regulated by law. Because of this, many couples from foreign countries appeal us and ask for help. They need to take into account the fact that the surrogate mother can legally carry and give birth to their child in Ukraine, but what to do next? What problems may arise after your returning home?

How surrogacy is regulated in Europe?

Surrogacy is forbidden (Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Italy). For example, in France, the doctors are involved to responsibility, but not the parents or surrogate mothers. Any kind of surrogacy – gestational or traditional contradicts all French laws. In Germany, the mother is a woman who gave birth to a child, even if she has no genetic relationship with him. Therefore, it is practically impossible to bring a child, who was born by a surrogate mother, to Germany. In spite of this, in this country there are many IVF clinics, where infertility specialists use advanced scientific methods of reproduction.

It’s allowed only non-commercial surrogacy (United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary). In the UK, does not provide compensation for bearing and birth of a surrogate mother, it’s allowed only payment of costs during the pregnancy. Netherlands – one of the countries in Europe, where even the advertising of surrogacy is forbidden. Serious limitations exist in Denmark and Hungary – the surrogate mother can only be relative.

Surrogacy is not regulated by legislation (Belgium, Greece, Finland). Due to the lack of regulation of surrogate motherhood, the agreement between the parents and the surrogate mother has no legal force.

Surrogacy is allowed (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia). In these countries, a very popular is treatment of infertility using surrogacy. Europe has only few countries where surrogacy is absolutely allowed and regulated by law. In Ukraine, all the legal aspects are regulated by legislation. In addition, in this country there is a strict order of use of assisted reproductive technologies. In Ukraine, the parents of a child, born with help of surrogacy, are legally noticed his genetic parents and the surrogate mother’s consent is not required.

Surrogacy in Europe is gaining popularity every year, because every 7th couple suffers from infertility. Now there are many reproductive medicine clinics which help couples finally become parents. To end infertility, parents should apply only to the best and proven specialists.

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