Pros and Cons of IVF

Pros and Cons of IVF

Today, not every woman has been fortunate enough to become a mother due to various health problems, poor ecology and other unfavorable factors that somehow affect the reproductive system. Increasingly, one can hear the question “how effective is in vitro fertilization?” Such method of infertility treatment is quite popular. The advantages of in vitro fertilization is obvious. Infertile couple will feel the joy of parenthood this is the main goal.

IVF features

This program involves conceiving in vitro. Both native and surrogate mother can carry the child. If the couple has serious deviations in the reproductive system, then the use of donor cells is required. Artificial insemination with the use of donation is required in the following cases:

  • Serious inflammatory diseases
  • Absence of the ovaries
  • The inability of the body to produce healthy eggs
  • Age-related changes in the body of a woman
  • Genetic diseases

Specialists of our center emphasize that if you approach the issue responsibly you can avoid all the complications.

In vitro fertilization risks and benefits

Talking about IVF pros and cons, it should be mentioned that the main benefit of IVF procedure is that it solves the demographic problems of whole country and little problem of a single family, as well. For many couples in vitro fertilization become the last instance. The birth of a child is the main plus of the program, in front of which all the minuses fade, although they still exist.

For many couples, the main disadvantage of in vitro fertilization is a rather expensive cost. In addition, the process of embryo implantation is not always get result from the first try so the procedure has to be repeated. In the case of using donor cells or surrogate mother services, the program becomes more expensive. A married couple will have to pay for all medical, legal expenses, as well as material reward for third parties to fertilization or gestation.

Intervention in female body is connected with hormonal therapy, which can negatively affect health. As consequences, there may be problems with the thyroid gland, heart, blood vessels and other body systems. There is a possibility for a slight weight gain and deterioration of well-being. But, if you entrust yourself for the experienced doctors, many disadvantages of IVF procedure can be avoided.

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