PGD select the gender of the baby

PGD: it is possible to select the gender of the baby !

Every family, planning to have a baby, are thinking about the gender of their future baby they will raise. Sometimes it happens, that happy parents of few daughters are dreaming about and hope that the next baby will be a son, and vice versa. However, the nature does not take orders. In such a case IVF for gender selection only can be used, modern medicine provides an opportunity to choose the sex of the child using the method of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Forming a child’s gender

The child’s belonging to a certain gender will be solved by genetic material, which will penetrate with the male sexual cell. There are 2 X-chromosomes in the egg cells, while in the spermatozoon X and Y. Accordingly, when two X-chromosomes meet each other, one should expect the girl, and when X and Y unite, the boy will be conceived.
In the fetus, genetic information is formed at the first stages of development. After fertilization there are only sexual signs of a woman in embryos. The signs of the girl / boy sex organs are determined by the X or Y chromosome.

Indications for PGD

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is recommended for couples in special cases:

  1. The procedure is indicated for those couples, when the pathology of chromosomes in the karyotype of someone from couple is detected. In such cases, there is a very high risk of transfer of existing anomalies to offspring;
  2. In the case when specialists can not identify the reasons for failure of implantation. Embryos implanted inside the uterine cavity may contain genetic pathologies that make fetal development impossible;
  3. With previous miscarriages due to abnormalities of the embryo;
  4. It is intended for women in the age over 35 years . The quality of the eggs becomes worse with age, and the risk of various anomalies within the embryo chromosomes increases.

How is PGD performed?

The gender selection is done during IVF (that is, before the embryo is transferred to the uterus, but after receiving the germ cells of the parents and their fusion).

At the initial stage, the body of a woman is prepared for an egg retrieval with the help of hormonal medicines (usually in the form of injections) to form a larger number of mature eggs ready for fertilization. Then, with the help of a puncture of the follicle in a transvaginal way, the doctor receives the eggs. The fusion of the germ cells of both parents takes place under the supervision of specialists in the laboratory. The cells of embryos formed or the reduction bodies (which are formed during fission and not included in the embryo) are studied using new high-precision techniques for genetic mutations and sex.

Then, among the embryos, the healthiest ones with the right set of sex chromosomes (a boy or a girl) are selected. They are implanted into the uterus of a future mother. Hormonal therapy to ensure the strengthening of the embryo in the uterus continues for some time after implantation.

Is PGD dangerous for a child?

Many are concerned about whether IVF with PGD for gender selection will affect the condition of the embryo. Taking a cell close to the embryo, or even from the embryo, does not affect the further development of the fetus. The point is that the PGD procedure is carried out at the moment when the embryo consists of identical cells, which are easily mutually replaced with further fission. Therefore, there will be no shortage of cells that will turn into tissues and organs much later.

Advantages of PGD

The method of PGD, except the ability to determine the sex clearly, is a diagnostic method with extremely high accuracy (about 97%) to ensure the birth of a guaranteed healthy baby of the gender chosen by you. Due to this diagnosis, the risk of miscarriage, multiple birth, birth of children with chromosomal pathologies due to accidental mutation, and also with genetic diseases (when one of the parents is a carrier of the pathological gene) is significantly reduced.

In addition, PGD significantly increases success rates of implantation of the embryo from the first IVF attempt and the safe passage of pregnancy and childbirth.

PGD allows us to identify embryos with different defects before embryo implantation, which could be detected only in later terms with ultrasound or in the analysis of amniotic fluid. Therefore, PGD is a protection against a dangerous artificial termination of pregnancy at a later pregnancy term, which can seriously damage a woman’s health and her ability to have children in the future.
Thanks to the combination of IVF and the planning of the gender of the child, at least 2 million healthy and desired children have already been born at the moment.

Where is it possible to do IVF and choose the child’s gender?

IVF with gender selection law of many countries in europe is against ART usage and when we are talking about IVF with gender selection with the help of PGD it is forbidden in many destionations and is recognized as wrong from the point of view of religious aspects. All these legislative and moral obstacles create serious difficulties for many families. But our company gives future parents an exceptional chance to give birth to a child of the chosen gender. We are very familiar with the specifics of reproductive medicine in different countries, carefully follow all the changes in legislation so that no existing restrictions prevent your dream from fulfilling itself. The clinic specialists will give you the opportunity of IVF gender selection process before embryo transfer and implantation.

How much does IVF with gender selection cost?

Repromedicine provides infertility treatment with the help of programs using IVF, IUI, donor egg cells, donor sperm,surrogacy. Every our program includes the price of the IVF gender selection procedure. Standard IVF +PGD program costs near 5500-6000 Euro. Usage of own cells leads to the usage of  “New Life” program, if egg donation is also required we can offer you “Chance” program. If You are interested in the program with no additional payments and unlimited number of attempts included it is possible to choose “Result” program, which costs 11 000 Euro. Pay Your attention that the price of every program contains expenses for administrative, legal, guest , medical and other services.

One more important and helpful thing is that we have no age limits for women who can take plave in IVF program.

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