Often asked questions about IVF

Often asked questions about IVF

The couples who for the first time faced the problem of infertility have a number of questions about IVF. There are too many info, so we decided to simplify the search process and selected for You the questions most often asked by our dear customers and the answers to them.

1.What is the cost of IVF?

Our IVF program cost  from 5 000 to 6 000 euros, and the IVF program involving surrogate mothers from 34 000 to 46 000 Euro. But the cost depends on the individual case of infertility and may vary depending on additional services or medicines. Therefore, we chose treatment to each pair individually.

2.What is the period of preparation for IVF?

As a rule, preparation for IVF takes from 1 to 2 months. This time is necessary for the conduct of tests and examinations, hormonal stimulation and ovarian puncture, and also for the process of fertilization and trasfer of embryos.

3.What are the stages of the IVF procedure?

Standard stages of IVF are:

– conducting of examinations and preparing of the couple;

– stimulation of ovulation and ovarian puncture;

– artificial insemination and embryo transfer;

– analysis of HCG to confirm pregnancy.

The stages of IVF depend on the method of infertility treatment and can be changed.

4.When we should do pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test should be done in approximately 2 weeks after embryo transfer. Analysis of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) detects the presence of pregnancy in the early period, when the ultrasound is not informative.

5.Is the age important?

For IVF there is no age limit. IVF after 40 years is possible if the condition allows women to carry and give birth to a child. Most often, IVF after ageof  40 years  is held in the donor’s oocytes.

6.What is the maximum number of embryos we could transfer?

According to the legislation of Ukraine we can not transfer more than 3 embryos. In practice, often transfer not one, but two embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy.

7.Is it possible to choose the gender of your future baby?

To determine the gender of the child became possible thanks to preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos for hereditary diseases and chromosomal mutations. PGD is taken for examination of genetic material and set the gender of the baby.

8.How to execute documents on the child in Ukraine?

Experts of  VittoriaVita will help you with registration and paperwork after the baby’s birth. The Registry office will give you a certificate of birth of the child, where will be written the names of the genetic parents. We will also help obtain a travel document or passport for the child at the consular Department of the Embassy of your country.

9.What is the period of preparation of the documents for the child?

The child’s documents are ready for one month. As a rule, the duration depends on the country’s Embassy.

If You have not found the info about IVF from our site, just ask us a question.

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