Male Fertility

What Causes Male Fertility Problems?

Male fertility is the capacity of sperm cells to fertilize an egg. That is why much depends on the quantity, mobility and activity of the sperm cells. Their reserve is renewed every 72 days. Male fertility can decrease with each year under the influence of various negative factors like smoking, alcohol, anabolic steroids, sedentary lifestyle, mobile phone radiation etc.

vv_icoSmoking. Each cigarette reduces the Vitamin C level, which is so vital for healthy sperm. That is why smokers have bigger chances to have children with congenital pathologies.


Alcohol is considered to be poisonous for testicles which are responsible for the production and maturation of sperm cells. Abuse of alcohol results in poor reproductive function.

vv_icoDrugs and anabolic steroidsDrugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin decrease the concentration of sperm cells by nearly 2 times and their prolonged use might cause male infertility.  Steroids, in their turn, block the development of sex hormones, affecting the quality of the sperm.

vv_icoOverheating of testicles. Sperm cells mature at the temperature of 33-34 C. Long overheating (hot bath, sauna, too tight underwear, putting laptop on your knees etc) affects the sperm quality.

vv_icoIntake of specific medicines. Some medicines like Cimetidinum, various antibiotics and some drugs for oncological and autoimmune diseases may cause cells division disturbances.

vv_icoMobile phones. Numerous researches confirm that mobile phones radiation negatively affects the sperm quality.

Male fertility depends greatly on such factors like the diseases of urogenital system and some infections a man might have had in childhood (e.g. mumps, rubella). Diabetes and viral hepatitis are quite a threat for fertility of adult men.  Male infertility might be also caused by the excess of weight, unhealthy nutrition lacking Vitamin C and Zinc, abuse of sauna, etc. Having sex too frequently results in significantly less sperm cell concentration and the predominance of immature sperm cells in the ejaculate. Prolonged or interrupted sexual acts seriously disturb male fertility as well.

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