IVF success rates over 40

IVF success rates over 40

With age the chances of pregnancy are gradually reduced as the number and quality of eggs rapidly decreases, they become less fertile. If a woman aged 35-40 years can not conceive naturally, she should immediately contact the fertility specialist to start the treatment as early as possible. Today there are various methods of assisted reproductive technology that can give women the chance to be a mother.

In which cases we  can use IVF at a mature age?

  1. If a woman has no contraindications of the reproductive system to carry and give birth to a child.
  2. If there are no contraindications for hormonal therapy.
  3. If you have no somatic illnesses.

IVF is used only if the woman underwent a full examination and no contraindications are revealed.


IVF infertility treatment success rates

The success of conception in a mature age depends not only on the health of women, but also on the supply of own eggs. With age, the pregnancy rate decreases with the amount of ovarian reserve. For example, the ability to conceive naturally in 35-37 years is 30%, ranging in age from 37 to 41 years of 10-20%, and after 41 years, it accounts for only 5%. Therefore, the successrate of IVF  using own eggs  over 40  years is only 10-15%.

This problem can be solved by using donor’s genetic material. For this, almost every medical center for surrogacy and egg donation has a base of donors. Egg donors are young women who have children of their own and have passed a thorough examination. They do not have bad habits, inherited diseases and are perfectly healthy, so there is no likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities.  IVF successrates over 40 iguaranteed only through the program of in vitro fertilization with donor oocytes. In some IVF clinics and success rates exceed 55%.

Becoming a mother after 40 years is not a myth but a reality. Having a healthy baby is now possible thanks to assisted reproductive technologies. For this you need to contact a specialized center for surrogacy and egg donation for help, pass a thorough examination and begin treatment,which the doctors will choose individually for You.

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