IVF natural cycle

IVF natural cycle

IVF natural cycle is one of the few safe methods of infertility treatment. This method is available only for women who have a menstrual cycle with ovulation. This form of artificial insemination is carried out without the use of hormones.  In the female body  the egg cell is maturing, which can be obtained with the help of puncture and fertilized in vitro.

Advantages of the method:

– absence of contraindications;

– no risk of multiple pregnancy;

– slight risk of premature birth;

– absence of hormonal stimulation;

– low price insemination;

– it is possible to carry out the procedure  during several months;

– the lack of complications associated with hormonal load;

– low probability of bleeding or the development of inflammatory processes.

 Conditions for IVF natural cycle usage:

This method is suitable only for women, whose egg matures independently. The most  effective  in vitro insemination will be for women from 18 to 35 years.

Conditions of carrying out fertilization in the natural cycle:

– the duration of the menstrual cycle from 28 to 35 days.

– the presence of ovulation (it should be confirmed by hormonal studies and ultrasound);

-satisfactory ovarian reserve;

– the availability of tests that confirm the inability to conceive a child;

–  signed agreement for the treatment of infertility through in vitro fertilization;

Lack of ovulation few menstrual cycles for one year, and the maturation of several eggs are not  contraindications.


 Indications for IVF natural cycle

The couple can use this method of infertility treatment only if:

– reaction of the ovaries to stimulation is very low;

– there is a high probability of ovarian hyperstimulation;

– previous attempts of assisted insemination was unsuccessful;

– obstruction of the fallopian tubes;

– presence of heart surgeries or oncological diseases in anamnesis;

– diseases of the pancreas or the liver;

– woman refuses to hormonal stimulation or has contraindications to it;

– a woman can not get pregnant because of the infertility of her partner.


Stages of IVF natural cycle

Stage 1. Ultrasound monitoring of the development and growth of the follicle.

Stage 2. Puncture of ovaries is performed in the operating conditions under ultrasound control. At this time the woman is under General anaesthesia. Duration of procedure 15-20 min.

Stage 3.  The sperm of the partner is carried out on the same day as the puncture of the ovaries. Then the sperm will be processed.

Stage 4. The process of fertilization. In the laboratory assessment of the quality of the eggs and their fertilization.

Stage 5. Cultivation of embryos.

Stage 6. The transfer of embryos into the uterus is performed without anesthetics and is not painful, but sometimes a woman may feel discomfort.

The presence of the menstrual cycle with ovulation allows a woman to become a mother almost in the natural way,  because of IVF.

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