How we select surrogates

The process of selection and search of surrogate mothers

Process of surrogacy appeared due to the development of assisted reproductive technologies. Now couples who have infertility problems may have their genetic children.

Surrogacy is a very complex process. There are clear requirements and conditions of participation in the surrogate program to surrogate mother carry and give birth to a strong and healthy child,

Process of women search for surrogacy takes more than 1 month. Repromedicine has its own database of surrogate mothers, which is constantly updated. To get admission to the program, women undergo several stages of selection:

Stage 1: communication. On the phone or during a personal meeting our curators ask potential surrogate mother to fill in a questionnaire to identify possible contraindications or discrepancies to the requirements.

Stage 2: information sharing. Process of searching surrogate mothers begins with provision of comprehensive information about all aspects of the program, rights, obligations and the possible consequences. Usually, it takes about 3 days.

Stage 3: written agreement. If the surrogate mother is married, she has to bring to our agency the written agreement of her husband to participate in the program. If she is divorced – she needs a certificate of divorce. Then the surrogate mother signs a document where she gives her consent to medical research in the clinic of our partners, “Rodynne Dzherelo”.

Stage 4: the first visit to the clinic. A woman passes medical examination, tests for AIDS, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B and C and makes ultrasound. If the results correspond to the standards, we assign the next date of the visit for the continuation of medical research.

Stage 5: second visit to the clinic. The surrogate passes a range of cytological investigations. Of course, there are some cases when a doctor prescribes treatment. In this case, the surrogate mother passes this stage once more, but after treatment.

Examinations takes from 1 to 2 months. If all the tests correspond to the requirements – the surrogate mother is admitted to the program.

Stage 6: acquaintance with the parents and the signing of the contract and other documents. This process takes a surrogate mother from 1 to 3 days. Representatives of Repromedicine  draw up a contract with them, taking into account all the wishes of each party. The signing of these documents takes place in the presence of a notary.

Selection process passes not only surrogate mother, the parents must also meet the requirements. They can participate in the program if they are diagnosed:

– Endometriosis;

– The bad quality of sperm;

– The absence of the uterus, its deformation or pathology development;

– Diseases that do not allow carrying and giving birth to a child;

– Failed IVF attempts.

From the moment, when the surrogate mother appeals to us at first time, process of her preparation takes from 1 to 3 months depending on the examination results. Even before the arrival in Ukraine and signing the contract, parents can meet and talk with potential surrogate mother on Skype in the presence of translator.

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