How to start the process of surrogacy

We select parents who are really interested, avoiding the curious who do not really have interest in starting a process of surrogate pregnancy. Nothing easier. Firstly, we invite you to visit us at our offices or to a personal interview or by SKYPE. We inform you about all the modalities and conditions that would be more advisable in your case.

After the visit or interview via Skype, you will have all the necessary information to decide where, when and how to do it. If you decide to use our services, you can do so in person or remotely. The contract can be signed by exchange of signed copies via email or postal mail (if you would not move). The first payment shall be made by wire transfer to the accounts of Repromedicine.

You should make an initial payment by wire transfer, confirming the start of the process. We will send you a form to fill in all the data. After that we will begin the selection process for the mother and egg donor (if the latter was necessary). Medical tests should be performed parallel to the rest of the procedure (these tests do not delay the schedule).

We will send you the donor candidates for the selection, and once you choose them, we will proceed to a second medical examination thereof and a second psychological evaluation of it. If you pass the tests successfully, we will proceed with the stimulation for start the process.

While the stimulation is about to finish, you must travel to donate semen (and eggs if they have chosen to use your own eggs). Will be stimulating alongside the surrogate mother and, once the embryos are generated, we will proceed to the first implantation. If this succeeds, we can only wait 9 months. If this not succeeds, we shall proceed with a new deployment at 45 days, to achieve the desired pregnancy.

Embryos can also be generated in your country and later send to the destination country, with this avoiding the first trip.

The entire process takes between 12 and 16 months depending if the surrogate mother becomes pregnant in the first, second or third deployment. Repromedicine will inform you every week about developments of the process, medical tests on the mother and child, etc…

All journeys begin with a first step and that first step is making the decision. Then Repromedicine handles everything else.

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