How to find and choose an egg donor?

How to find and choose an egg donor?

A couple of decades ago, infertility treatment seemed impossible, and the diagnosis sounded like a real verdict. Fortunately, today many medical clinics offer various methods for treatment of  female or male reproductive failures. Find an egg donor  or semen donor  is not a problem, especially since the procedure is officially recognized to be one of the most effective technologies in reproduction.

Often, patients in medical centers ask in which cases a couple is looking for an egg donor? Technology is needed for women who are not able to conceive a baby on their own, or their genetic material is not suitable for extracorporal fertilization.

The reason for such problems may be the absence of ovaries, various diseases that lead to an ineffective fertilization of their own eggs. Often, women who do not have eggs due to age menopause tend to help. There are often cases where a mother can give her child hereditary serious illnesses and reinsured.

Where and how to choose a donor egg?

When a family couple faces such a delicate problem, the main question that worries is how to choose an egg donor? Depending on the material possibilities and wishes, you can ask a relative, look for a woman who will provide oocytes, on forums on the Internet or to apply to specialized clinics.

Candidates for donations are thoroughly examined for genetic problems, infectional diseases and other deviations from the norm. Clinics have a huge base of people who are ready to provide reproductive cells. That is why the VittoriaVita Medical Center recommends that you seek help from a specialized institution. Here you can find a donor of oocytes, taking into account nationality, education, external data and other criteria.

The main reasons to look for a donor in medical centers

A big base is not the only benefit provided by clinics. Turning to the center with a request – I need an egg donor, you get:

  • professional assistance of specialists who have vast experience in working with the latest reproductive technologies;
  • Legal assistance and compliance of the procedure with all legislative norms;
  • full protection against fraud;
  • Full confidentiality;
  • confidence in healthy offspring.

Medical centers carefully select candidates for egg donation. The clinic is contacted by responsible women who want to help childless couples and understand that this procedure is better conducted under the supervision of specialists. Of course, they receive a good reward, which later motivates them to participate in the program.

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