How to find a surrogate mother?

How to find a surrogate mother?

Each year the infertility problem is becoming more and more acute. The most terrible thing is that even young and healthy couples often can not have children. Statistics show that today every fifth family is infertile.

«I’ve been looking for a surrogate mother for quite a while, but so far my search is unfruitful».

If you’ve recognized yourself in the sentence above – we will help you to finally find the solution. In case you’ve just encountered this problem, you won’t have to waste the precious time. Anyway, you are in the right place at the right time!

In this article we tried to answer the most popular questions about surrogate motherhood. So, let’s get to the point …

How can I find a surrogate mother?

This is probably the most important question the future parents are having. You just can not entrust anyone to bear your child, right? This is one of the most difficult decisions in your life and in no case should you neglect the help of experts.

This is what special surrogacy agencies are for. They directly select candidates and supervise the whole process.

What services does a surrogacy agency provide?

  1. Selection of candidates, like it was already said. This is, probably, the most important step, since the success of the entire process depends on it. The agency thoroughly studies the young women’s medical records and does additional medical examinations, if necessary.
  2. Adjusting the terms of cooperation, drafting of a contract and all necessary documents.
  3. Legal support on surrogacy matters.
  4. Supervising the whole process.
  5. Additional services that a couple or surrogate mother may need.

How to get a surrogate mother?

So, we figured out how to find a surrogate mother. But this is not enough to start preparing to become parents.
The issue of surrogate motherhood is very controversial. The world seems to be divided equally between “for” and “against”. The opponents argue that it is beyond all moral limits. But on the other hand, what about the altruistic aspect? Should a couple that can not have children have no hope?

Because of this difference in opinions, paid surrogacy programs are allowed only in Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, India, Georgia and several American states. Naturally, the prices for such services significantly differ in different countries. Since the surrogate motherhood programs are rather cheap in Ukraine, many foreigners decide to use this service in this country.

The main thing we always convince the future parents about is not try arranging the entire surrogacy process on their own. First of all, every year we hear about more and more frauds. Secondly, don’t you want a completely healthy young woman to give birth to your child? And finally, if you do not have a legally valid contract – there is a risk that your surrogate mother refuses to give the baby away.

It is also worth mentioning that only officially married couples can apply for surrogate motherhood programs. Therefore, you should better formalize your relationship before choosing a surrogacy agency.

Using the website is the best way to find a surrogate mother!

We can guarantee that it won’t take long until you become parents of a long-awaited baby. Throughout the process we provide all necessary legal and medical services, respect strict confidentiality of the parties and make sure each of them is satisfied.

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