How to choose a clinic for IVF?

How to choose a clinic for IVF?

Before you start the treatment of infertility is very important to choose the most appropriate medical center. Now the choice of IVF clinics is very large, so before visiting, you need to study about them as much information as possible. As a rule, every reproductive center has its own website, where all the necessary information is available to customers.

Important factors when choosing IVF clinic

The license and certificate. It is necessary to examine the information about the term of clinic existence and the availability of all documents that confirm the qualification of the staff and clinic for using assisted reproductive technologies. The center’s equipment must correspond to all safety standards. Even it is necessary to pay attention to expiration date of license, because it could not be extended.

Specialists. The presence of highly qualified staff is an indispensable factor in the choice. In all the clinics, where the procedure of IVF is, should be a fertility specialist, embryologist, anesthesiologist, andrologist and nursing staff. When you choose a professional you need to pay attention to his experience. It’s necessary to ask about how IVF works in your case. Professional does not prescribe an analysis or treatment just because you want it, he should take into account all the individual factors when choosing a method of treatment.

Reviews. Many clinics, where there are IVF programs, have a feedback page on its website. However, more information you can find on specialized websites and forums. If you do not find what you have been looking for, you can always ask a question on one of the thematic forums. Couples, who know from personal experience how the in vitro fertilization works, will answer all your questions with pleasure.

Efficiency. An important factor is the efficiency of IVF method in a particular clinic. You can find statistics about many clinics on the internet, which change every year. Therefore, pay attention to the date. Usually reproductive technology centers publish several average performance of efficiency,  taking into account the causes of infertility and the age of the patient. In the world, the average percentage of pregnancy up to 45%.

If you plan to become pregnant via in vitro fertilization, you should know how it works in various clinics. You should study information about medical centers, rely on the fertility specialist’s experience, as well as on your intuition. You need a doctor whom you can trust. Only in this case you can be sure that you will also become long-awaited  parents.

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