How healthy are children conceived via IVF?

How healthy are children conceived via IVF?

Process of in vitro fertilization is the standard method of infertility treatment, which allows many infertile couples to become parents of healthy children. In parallel with the development of assisted reproductive technologies appear all sorts of myths about ivf child’s health.

Our goal is to give detailed information about children who were conceived due to the ivf fertilization process to remove all the doubts and fears which potential parents have before this procedure.

Mass examinations of ivf baby were carried out in the reproductive medicine clinics. Result: deviations compared to children born naturally, were not identified.

In reality, the health of the baby does not depend on how he was conceived: naturally or with help of in vitro fertilization process. Important role plays the attitude of medical staff to the patient’s examination before the fertilization process, and particularly via in vitro fertilization.

It is believed that babies are born dead or injured because of IVF. What’s really going on? In connection with the introduction of this method, there are more and more cases of multiple pregnancies, and as a result, premature delivery. Such children, born in the process of ivf treatment, are premature and have a low weight. They need special care and monitoring. But very often the caring for such children is negligent and health problems arise only because of the lack of service quality and careless pediatricians’ attitude to such children.

In order to avoid such situations there were imposed restrictions in many countries. According to Ukrainian law, it can be transferred up to three embryos. Usually, not only one can be transferred, but two embryos, to increase the probability that at least one of them will catch on. That’s why when an attempt of embryo transfer was successful, 50% of the surrogate mothers carry one child and 50% – twins.

In all of the modern clinics there are rules according to which for a child, born after 22 weeks or with weigh 500 grams or more, all necessary medical care will be provided. Due to this there is the possibility of nursing very preterm infants and realization rehabilitation programs. The rule is applied to all children, including children, born using assisted reproductive technologies.

Many people do not understand what ivf is and what its advantages. The parents, who have a severe hereditary disease or oncology, can have absolutely healthy baby due to this method. It’s wonderful that in vitro fertilization is not only the process of infertility treatment.

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