How effective is the method of IVF?

How effective is the method of IVF?

The effectiveness of IVF depends on many factors, but the chances of getting pregnant after this procedure is very high. This method is one of the most effective methods of assisted reproductive technology.

Factors that affect the success of IVF:

  • age and cause of infertility;
  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • genetic factors;
  • donor ivf, quality of selected eggs or sperm cells;
  • the quality of the embryos;
  • state of the endometrium after the preparation for embryo transfer.

The effectiveness of IVF depends on how successfully the program will be carried out. This rate depends not only on getting pregnant but also on whether the child is born healthy.

How successful is IVF? The average probability of pregnancy after IVF is equal to 45-50% for women aged from 20 to 25 years, and about 20-25% for women over 40 years old. These statistics are calculated only for one cycle of IVF.

How successful is surrogacy? If the standard method does not work, there is the possibility of using other technologies. For example:

  1. In this case, the egg is fertilized with sperm of husband in the laboratory, and then the embryo is transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother. Indications for this method: the absence of the uterus, its deformation, the presence of other contraindications to childbearing or childbirth. For this IVF method, success rate is 40%. Even after several unsuccessful attempts, the couple can use the surrogate program or a donor material. IVF, in this case, may have a greater effectiveness.
  2. Surrogate program with donor egg cells – the success of this IVF type is 80%. This method is used only if the woman’s ovaries do not produce their own eggs and also after multiple failures of IVF. Egg donation gives a chance to use donor material in the most difficult cases.


When a professional selects the method of infertility treatment, you should ask how successful every surrogate program is. Each couple must understand that to achieve the goal may require more than one cycle of IVF.

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