Female Infertility

Causes of Female Infertility

Female infertility is much more serious than the male one, since a woman’s reproductive system should not only produce a mature egg, but also create favorable conditions for conception and the entire pregnancy. That is why even insignificant disorders can make pregnancy quite complicated or even impossible.

Female infertility can be primary or secondary. As for primary infertility, the pregnancy is initially impossible. As for the secondary one, there had been a possibility to give birth, but it was lost for several reasons.

Main reasons of female infertility:

vv_ico Disorders of egg maturation occur in 39% of all cases. Generally, they are caused by the improper function of hormones that control the egg development or by trauma of the ovaries resulting from  inflammations or cysts.

vv_ico In 30% of all cases, the reason is the defects of the fallopian tubes that are damaged or impassable as a result of surgeries, abortions, abdominal pregnancies, adnexitis or endometritis. Problems with the fallopian tubes make the conception impossible.

vv_ico Another cause is the problems with the cervical canal of the uterus. Normally, the cervical canal should be filled with mucus that transfers the sperm cells through the cervix to the eggs. If the mucus is very marshy or its chemical composition is disturbed, the sperm сells’ way will be much more complicated. This is usually caused by contagious diseases, erosions or various inflammation of the uterine neck.

vv_ico Immunological problems: specific antibodies that can disrupt or even destroy the sperm cells appear in the mucus.

vv_ico Female infertility can be caused by uterine defects: inflammations, non – cancerous excrescences (myoma, fibroma, fibromyoma, polyps) and masses – cysts.

vv_ico Endometriosis causes female infertility in 40-50% of all cases.

Female fertility can be affected greatly by metabolic imbalance, problems with thyroid and adrenal glands, diabetes, etc.

Women should keep in mind that with each year passing the chances of getting pregnant gradually decrease. At the same time, some dangerous threats to female fertility are: smoking, alcohol abuse, poor ecology, stress and unhealthy nutrition: obesity, emaciation, lack of vitamins.

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