Ethical problems of surrogate motherhood

Ethical problems of surrogate motherhood

Surrogacy is one of the most effective methods of infertility treatment and it is the only one chance for infertile couples to have children. In spite of this, there are a lot of controversy about surrogacy , namely legal, psychological and ethical. Every country has its own laws and ethical rules which regulate surrogacy.

One of the problems is the attitude of the Orthodox Church to the surrogacy. They believe that these methods  badly affect physical health and spirituality of woman. They so condemn this method, that the priest may refuse to baptize a child, born  with help of surrogacy.

What is surrogacy ethics?

  1. Trafficking of children. Opponents of surrogacy believe that a child is a commodity that woman sells genetic parents.

In reality. It is provided by the legislation of Ukraine that the subject of contract is the process of surrogacy, but not the fact of child sale. The surrogate mother is only an intermediary, who helps parents to carry genetically native child for them.

  1. Exploitation of women.

In reality. This method provides only voluntary participation of surrogate mothers. They give consent to participate in the program, and the written consent of the spouse as well. Women deliberately take part in the program and with a desire help others to become parents.

  1. The children from the orphanage have less chance to have a family.

In reality. IVF and surrogacy are expensive procedures, which are not available for everyone. Therefore, there will be always couples who want to help the child to find a new family, just as the surrogate mothers  help infertile couples.

  1. A surrogate mother does not want to give the child back. For IVF it is used eggs and sperm of genetic parents. According to Ukrainian law, she will not be able to challenge this fact and keep the child.

Problems with the surrogacy ethics are formed as a result of speculation and fears. The realization of the fact that a child is carried by a strange woman – is very alarming and frightening. To weigh all pros and cons, infertile parents thoroughly study information about infertility treatment, consultation with experts, pass tests and read the reviews of those couples who have already participated in surrogate program. Efforts and money are worth to have children and create a nuclear family after 9 months.

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