Egg donation in Ukraine

Egg donation in Ukraine

Because of religious or ethical reasons, egg donation is prohibited in many countries (Austria, Israel, Germany, etc.). Every year more and more couples choose Ukrainian clinics for infertility treatment. Obviously, it’s because of the fact that using of donor eggs in Ukraine is absolutely legal and regulated by the law.


Documents that regulate egg donation in Ukraine

  1. The “Instruction on the application of assisted reproductive technologies”, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 771 of 23.12.2008, is the document that covers most legal aspects of the procedure.
  2. Article 48 of the Law of Ukraine “Fundamentals of Health Legislation in Ukraine”.
  3. Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine.

These documents establish the normative characteristics, parameters and requirements for women who want to participate in an egg donation program. Donor’s privacy and medical confidentiality are guaranteed in Ukraine. By law, a donor doesn’t have any parental rights to the child. The future parents agree not to establish the identity of the egg donor and not to seek meeting or further communication with her.

Any adult woman under 30 with, at least, one healthy child can become an egg donor. It goes without sayin that the basic requirement is the absence of any bad habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, etc.) or chronic and hereditary diseases.

Each potential egg donor has to write in detailed form words about her biography, family and previous medical records. Besides the fields about race, eye, skin and hair colour, weight, education, personal achievements, hobbies and life goals, there is also one where the reason of becoming an egg donor should be specified.
Couples from all over the world come to Ukraine with hopes to feel the joy of parenthood. Therefore, almost every clinic for reproductive medicine has a program of egg donation.

Egg donation in Ukraine is not necessarily an anonymous process, your relative or friend can donate too. Women who have some egg cells left after an ART procedure can also donate them.

Egg donation: cost

We offer our patients from 3 to 5 egg donors who meet their requirements. Every woman who donates egg cells in our center receives an appropriate compensation, the amount of which depends on the quality and quantity of received material.

The average price for the services of an egg donor is about 2000 Euro. It includes standard charges:

vv_icomedical and psychological examinations;

vv_icoexaminations aimed to identify hereditary diseases;


vv_icocompensation payment to the donor.

Examinations, consultations and medical tests are completely free for the egg donors. We also compensate their travel expenses.

IVF procedure with egg donation is a very effective, although quite expensive, treatment for infertility. On average, 60-65% of women who used this method became mothers for healthy children. In some cases, the effectiveness of the IVF procedure with donor eggs reaches 80%. Anyway, full and happy family is worth of choosing this costly procedure.

Documents that are required for egg donation

  1. A contract between the clinic and the donor specifying the obligations of the parties and reflecting the donor’s conscious and voluntary participation in an egg donation program.
  2. Document that confirms consent of the donor to the ovarian stimulation and puncture.
  3. Document that confirms consent of the donor’s husband.
  4. Questionnaire and medical record card of the egg donor.

A woman who wants to donate eggs must meet the requirements and pass through a full medical and psychological examination. The process of egg donation can take place only at specialized centers.

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