Egg donation in the USA

Egg donation in the USA

Using donor egg cells is very popular in America. Usually these services are used by women after 40 years old. They are looking for donors who haven’t reached 30 and look like them. The donor will be chosen accordingly to such criteria: eye color, hair, body, education, character, interests. All these are necessary to have a child similar to mother.

Examinations that are required for egg donor in the USA.

  • General examination, psychological consultation;
  • Gynecological and ultrasound examinations ;
  • Blood tests for infections, hereditary diseases and others.

Egg donation is an anonymous procedure in America. If the donor does not wish to be anonymous, these facts are fixed in the contract between the parties. In the USA, there are cases when someone from the family is ready to become an egg donor for close people.

Egg donor in the United States gets a good reward for a puncture from 8000 to 15,000 $. Its amount depends on the quality and quantity of oocytes, as well as the appearance and the education of the donor.

General requirements for egg donor in the USA (they vary depending on a certain State):

  • Physically healthy woman from 18 to 32 years old;
  • A body mass index from 19 to 29;
  • Absence of bad habits and hereditary diseases;
  • The absence of other contraindications.

In the USA egg donation is regulated differently in each State

For example:

  1. In California, there is a law that egg donation advertisements must include information about the possible risks and consequences.
  2. Hawaii have special requirement to the donor. It is the presence of a medical insurance. In case of its absence, donor needs to pay high tax.
  3. In Colombia, egg donation is not generally regulated by law.
  4. In Louisiana, egg donation is prohibited by law.
  5. In New Hampshire egg donation is permitted only after 21 years old.

In Europe, the queue to receive donor egg cells is very long, that is why many couples come to the United States to speed up the process.

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